About FAKEIDS Fake IDs

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FAKEIDS FAKEIDSs is a novelty fake id company and website. The popular id website is responsible for enhancing school life amongst young people. It provides unique solutions to impossible situations for adults looking to create genuine fake ids. The website prides itself on creating some of the best fake ids in the United States. The general aim is to ensure those students and other young person’s enjoy, experience, and learn from real-life ventures. How better for a young person to mature and grow into an adult except by making their own mistakes! FAKEIDs provide the opportunity, means, and the drive to do just that!

What services do we provide?

We provide a fake id website, where young people can order, pay and wait for their fake ids. Our fake id design is unique. It matches the original or legal issue id by mimicking all security features available in it. The website provides a relatively simple order form and easy instructions to help complete the process. Order form directs you on what to add and enter for use to create your fake id. We advise the use of easy-to-remember and detailed data on your fake id. The main reason for this is to prevent your fake ID's recognition as a fake whenever questioned or put on the spot. However, the website has the best templates with all essential security features. The website includes every hidden feature ensuring you never get caught. FAKEIDs provides fake ids from almost all states in the country. Since each state has different legal issue identity cards, it is essential to ensure you get the right fake id design. Every unique feature representing a specific state must be present in the fake id. In case of a change in security features, our team of professionals keeps the templates updated. Regardless of the state, you originate from; getting a duplicate fake id is made easier using FAKEIDs.

How we do it?

First is the quality of fake id designs. The website and company employ professional designers to create and update all fake ids' security features and designs. Computer and other technical professionals to ensure our printing and authorization designs for the templates work in sync with the designers. As a whole team and working organ, the team creates, authorizes, and ships the fake ids to the right destination. Are you worried about the new design in the legal identity card for your state? There is no need to worry. The company's team of experts takes the new design, breaks it down, and analyzes every aspect before commencing a duplication project. Such a process aims to ensure that every updated data or security features appear on the fake id you order and purchase. The company prides on providing quality and thus, aims to ensure we maintain it. The website seeks external verification professionals to audit and authenticate the fake id for quality purposes. We duplicate the new formats and have them tested to evaluate the quality and whether or not they can pass the fake id tests. Whenever you place an order, the professionals always review the duplicate before printing it out. Our teams ensure to check the products after production to ensure their superior design and quality output. Plus, clients always receive an extra copy with a single order.

Why choose FAKEIDs?


The quality of fake ids the FAKEIDs website provides is the best. The security features for every state are on point; even hidden features such as holographic images are present. The material in use mimics the original or legal identity card. It does not peel break when bending and has a definite thickness to the touch.


Since young people order fake identity cards, it is difficult to get the right amount that many fake id websites ask. However, FAKEIDs provides the right price range with an extra id duplicate as a discount. Plus, the website delivers the fake ids right to your doorstep. The FAKEIDs website offers simple price ranges for different purchases. If purchasing a single duplicate identity card, the cost might be a little high. However, if you decide to purchase a group, there are group discounts that reduce the amount incurred for a single identity card. Plus, you receive an extra duplicate in your order.

Service Range

Our services are not only for fake identity cards. We can also generate employee badges, invitation cards, proper driving licenses, and many more. Each card includes special features present in the originals. These cards follow the same quality procedure. The company proves to have a unique fake id production line!


The FAKE ID website prides itself on delivering services to clients while ensuring anonymity. Anonymity means that your transaction and the shipping process remains private. However, the fake ids are of a quality nature, even with the entire process requiring a certain privacy level to ensure anonymity. Plus, our delivery processes are so unique and straightforward that authority figures cannot intercept ensuring delivery. Do not worry if a package delivering jewelry to your home arrives. Check the package, and you will see your fake ids inside the jewelry box.

Fast shipping

You do not have to wait for a normal shipping process that lasts two whole weeks. You can use fast shipping that delivers in a few days if in a hurry. However, the overall cost for the fake id may go higher. The company ensures that the package meets packages weight specifications according to the TSA and fast shipping processes. Also, custom agents often do a sweep of the packages entering the country from specific countries to ensure the packages' legality. By following the right shipping procedure and rules, the delivery reaches you fast and efficiently.

Buy from Us

FAKEIDs deliver quality fake ids at an affordable price, fast and easy, while ensuring anonymity. Get an extra duplicate fake id from the website. The company has all essential verifications making it a genuine fake id platform. Enjoy an easy order process. Get a quality passport photo, enter all essential details as highlighted, review and edit to remove any errors, make the payment and submit the order! For more details, read through the FAQs. Get your fake id from FAKEIDs today!

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