How To Pay


How to pay for your fake id

Fakeids online fake id website is similar to an online store where you shop and use online platforms to complete the payments. There are many online platforms and payment modes you can use. However, some have higher charges; others are not available on your select fake id website, while some are convenient, easy to use, and fast. However, when it comes to fake ids, making an online purchase requires anonymity. No one wants to fall into the wrong side of the law and be named a criminal. Therefore, platforms like FAKEIDs tend to use online payment platforms that can retain anonymity. FAKEIDs provide simple yet highly effective and efficient means of making payments to purchase a fake id. FAKEID online platforms you can use to make your payments include Western Union, Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Apple, and Amazon Gift Cards. However, you cannot use debit cards such as Visa or eWallets. These leave a trail that authorities can follow back to the buyer and website. The best FAKEID payment platforms you can use include:

Western Union

Western Union is a popular cash payment option operating worldwide. You can make payments from any region with a Western Union platform. The platform allows individuals to complete cash transactions. Also, you can track any payment made, ensuring a safe and secure purchase. How to use the Platform on FAKEID

How to Use Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies refer to digital money. Cryptocurrencies are of different types, including Bitcoin, ZCash, Bitcoin Cash, and many more. The cryptocurrencies are not actual cash but are a form of currency. All you need is to invest and own coins in either of the stated cryptocurrencies. Importance of Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin These are the most secure forms of payment. It is difficult to hack into a bitcoin account. Also, there are no personal details that you are sharing with online platforms similar to debit or credit cards. Also, there are no leaks in your confidential data. Using Cryptocurrencies on FAKEIDs online website ensures anonymity. Your details are safe and secure. Plus, the process is easy and fast.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is famous for offering gift cards you can use as representations of cash. Each platform is a famous company offering varying services worldwide. Therefore, gift cards are convenient options you can use to make payments to your fake id website. Gift cards are financial representations indicating a specific amount. Gift cards do not contain more than 500 dollars in amount. Therefore, if you desire to use them to transact a more considerable amount, you may need to purchase more than a single gift card. Also, the cards do not contain personal details, making it an effective means of purchasing fake id cards. On FAKEIDs, you need to follow the following process to complete a financial transaction using Amazon Gift cards. The process applies to other gift cards from varying companies. The gift cards are a sure way to retain anonymity. There are no personal details exchanged with the fake id website when using the gift cards. Also, it is a fast, efficient and convenient way to make payments. It may take a short period to confirm a successful transaction.

Apple Gift Cards

Like amazon gift cards, all you need to do is purchase the gift cards and make payments to your select fake id website. You can purchase apple gift cards from known stores like Walmart. Once you have the cards in hand, proceed to order and complete the payment transaction for your fake ids on FAKEID online website.   FAKEIDs is a popular platform offering many payment options to its users. You can use cryptocurrencies, gift cards, or pay cash using western union. These payment platforms are not only secure but also private and safe. There are no leaks in your personal information, which ensures you remain anonymous as the buyer. FAKEIDs aims at achieving fast payments, convenience for their clients, and customer satisfaction with easy to complete and use payment platforms. You can use either of the payment platforms on the FAKEID website.  

This are only a few of the accepted payment methods. For some payment types you will receive instructions by email so be sure to check your inbox. Protection Status