Fake id order form


Before you purchase your id please make sure you do the following:

  1. Provide us with a digital photo yourself up against any color wall or backdrop. Wear dark clothing for contrast covering skin, keep hair nice and neat. The photo should be waist up. DO NOT ZOOM OR HEAD SHOT OR SELFIE .FLASH ON PLEASE. ONLY REAL CAMERAS, NO CELLPHONES OR WEBCAMS.
  2. You can take the pic against a white background by a high pixel digital camera, the light should be balanced. Your eyes can't be covered by hair. Head should be straight. The pic can't reflect light. Please stand straight at attention, we need front side. Don’t wear glasses. Don't take the pic under yellow or red light. Take a picture where the camera is 6-8 ft away from your body, thanks. We can crop and zoom in on the pic as long as it is a 3 megapixel or more camera.
  3. You need to do a signature by using a black sharpie pen on white computer paper. Take a picture or scan. Pics are easy to work with than scanning. If you scan at a higher resolution. FLASH OFF PLEASE.
  4. PAYMENT is upfront, meaning you need to pay for the ID(s) before we send it out to you. We will contact you with payment information. Thanks.

This is address you want on ID if you leave it blank we will make one up for you.

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